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Our company, Blue Ocean Group, is an arm of an international company involved in Real Estate, Construction & Engineering, Education, Holidays and House Hold & Garments. We steer our modern vision in diversified spheres and specializsed in creating cutting-edge architectural building designs. We also undertake all aspects of the development of high -quality residential, commercial, industrial and governmental constructions.

Our Group has set a clear strategic direction developed by professionally qualified, competent and experienced corporate planners. The Group continues performing well in line with its expectations despite the current challenging economic environment. We will continue to build and maintain our position as a strong global brand. In the last two years, we have managed to strengthen our reserves, increased our turnover and improved our capital position. We will now continue on the path towards sustained profitability and the creation of new business opportunities for the company and our customers around the world.

One of the greatest assets of Blue Ocean Group is its high-profile Human Resources armed with Chartered Architects, Chartered Engineers, and Chartered Accountants and Professional Marketers in the respective field Every professional is highly-qualified, competent and well experienced in his/her chosen field.

The Property Market in Sri Lanka is currently booming, and as a result, property- owners now experience higher appreciation in property values. The credit should go to the government for implementing favorable policies for the growth of the economy, which also helps increase demand for property. Firstly, by introducing lower lending rates, Government enabled the property buyers to obtain loans to purchase at lower cost. Secondly, by boosting inflow of long-stay tourists such as foreign students, foreign medical officers, industrial contractors (Chinese, Indians etc.) and potential business initiators etc., the government indirectly increases the demand for apartments, diverting these people away from pricey hotels. This enhances rental income as well as property values for property-owners.

The Construction Industry is riddled with unscrupulous builders who adopt a “hit and run” approach with their customers. Many of them do not possess the qualifications, competent staff, the finances, access to good-quality building materials etc, thereby indulging in all sorts of under-hand practices, resulting in cost and time over- runs and customer dissatisfaction. On the other hand, the Blue Ocean vision is ‘To be the most highly respected and ethical company in the industry”, while opposing such builders and safeguarding closely the ethics in the industry.

To achieve our vision we have to build, maintain, protect and enhance our reputation as the most ethical, efficient and trusted company among our employees, clients, customers, supply-chain partners and investors as well as among the community at large. Led by the Management, our robust approach to corporate responsibility has ensured delivery of the highest quality on time and under the budgets.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, our mark of excellence is right beside you. As one of the largest companies in the country, Blue Ocean Group provides products and services that are in touch with you everyday. This would not have been possible without vision and values that drive our business as we work to keep the world’s fastest growing economy moving forward.

Blue Ocean Group operates under sound Corporate Governance and carries out all its business dealings with honesty, transparent in an ethical manner. That is why our customer base is expanding daily and our businesses are blooming not only locally but also globally as well.

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